Winterhalter Music Teacher Showcase: Introducing Jeff Lee

by Cassie Winterhalter on April 30, 2015

Jeff Lee

Jeff Lee

Back in early February, I had the pleasure of hiring Winterhalter Music’s newest teacher, Jeff Lee! This post is long overdue. Let’s just say I’ve had my hands full between then and now…. More on that in a future blog.

Jeff is a guitar and piano teacher. As a fairly recent graduate of the University of Maryland, Jeff was at a crossroads. He could either go to medical school or he could pursue his dreams of making music with his band. I’m happy to say that Jeff chose his greatest passion– music of course! I’m thrilled to have him as a part of our wonderful team of teachers. Keep reading to hear Jeff’s thoughts on music lessons and teaching.

1. Why did you decide to become a music teacher?

Music is my greatest passion and I would like to share that with others and try to spark their interest in music as well.

2. How do you motivate your students?

Positive reinforcement is always good and really having them believe they can do well. Learning an instrument is very difficult, but it just takes getting past that mental block, so you have to try to change that mental state. Also teaching them learn their favorite song always inspires them.

3. What is your favorite music to play and listen to?

Blues music can never get old. I can play that forever. And I’m still learning new ways to approach playing blues. I listen to a lot of music but I love playing and listening to pop/rock music similar to John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. They have such a feel to them that really connects with my emotions.

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

I focus all my time to my band, Skyline Hotel. We play shows and record music nonstop. I’m always in the studio or playing at a venue and furthering my music career. Music is my love and there isn’t anything I’d rather be doing. I’m working my way up the music business ladder. I hope to get signed and play for thousands of people in the near future.

5. What are some fun facts that people might not know about you?

I’m bilingual, I speak Cantonese. My favorite time of the year is from Autumn to Winter, so from October up until New Years. Halloween and Christmas is the best time of the year 🙂

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Jeff! Jeff is currently accepting new students, so if you are interested in starting lessons with him or one of our other excellent teachers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also, a huge congratulations to all of our students who participated in our spring recitals this past weekend! Everyone performed beautifully, and it was such a pleasure to witness all of you sharing your love of music with one another. I don’t know of anywhere else where students can perform everything from Mozart to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to pieces they composed themselves, all in one day. I’m so happy that my dream of creating a music school where students love music and learn the type of music they love, has become a reality!

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